5 Basic Rules For Training Your Dogs

Before your dog can be trained to stop barking, come when you call him, sit, stay, or other behavior you must learn the single most important step.   You must win over your dog’s mind so that your dog will see you as the leader of the pack and looks for you for all the decisions.  If you don’t your dog will not listen to you and you will always struggle with his behavior.  Once you learn how important it is to have this leadership role, it will develop the bond between you and your dog so that will achieve fast and long lasting results. 

First Step

Watch one of the amazing video sites that show you the 5 Golden rules that teach you how to be the pack leader.  If you don’t learn how to be the leader,  you are going to fail to train your dog for long term.   Yes, occasionally you dog may be obedient, but just when you think your dog will listen to you when, they will go and do their own thing.   But, if you really want your dog to be obedient and always listen to you in every situation, you need to win over your dogs mind. 

On How To Put An End To Your Dog's Obessive Barking!

The Second Step...

Have your dog listen to you is to motivate him or her.  Find out what your dog really enjoys for play and exercise and then find the reward that he or she likes best.  By making your dogs’ experience fun and enjoyable,  you will both find it rewarding.  Your dog will find it pleasant to listen and obey you and get their reward for their good behavior.

The Third Step...

is offering rewards.   The best reward is of course food!    Buy some healthy dog treats or get a single dry biscuit.  The second reward is giving them a lot of verbal praise and be affectionate with patting and cuddling.  And the third reward is finding their favorite toy, stick, or object that they love to chase.  If you are fair and reward your dog in their training, they will work harder for you.  If you decide not to use food or a treat in your training session, make sure you use a lot of affection when your dog does well.   If you do decide to use food rewards make sure you follow these simple steps.

The Fourth Step...

Vary the rewards.  Don’t give your dog rewards for food every time.  And never let your dog know what the reward is.  When your dog doesn’t come to you the first time you call them, then don’t give them a reward.


The Fifth Step Is To Practice...

To achieve the best results you must practice!   Each time you practice and encourage their behavior you will get closer to what you want.   This is where rewards come in handy!   By motivating to show your dog what you want them to do and you will never have a need for any negative type of training.

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