Best Dog Toys

Best Dog Toys

How to Choose Best Dog Toys?

If you are raising a pet at home, you might have observed that they are always eager to spend more entertaining and
active time with the family members. When a pet receives enough attention from the people at home, it naturally stays healthy and happy all the time. Studies reveal that a dog that enjoys more play time while staying around its owners is
more likely to fight with serious illness, injuries, and even death as well.

It clearly means that you must make special efforts to make your puppy’s play time memorable and full of fun. And
in order to do that, you must buy some good quality toys for him.

Although the market is loaded with a wide range of pet toys but not all of them are equally good for your furry friend.
The biggest difference is that cheap dog toys tear apart soon, whereas the best dog toys stay tougher for the long run. Moreover, this decision is more related to the overall health of your pet. The cheap toys are made up of low-quality
materials, and they can cause chronic health issues to the dog. In such situations, investing in the best quality dog toys is always the best idea.

There are several factors involved in the selection of  best dog toys; few of them are listed below to ease
your decision:

  1. Size matters a lot:

The very first criteria for selection of the best toy for your dog is to pick something that is not too large and too small as well. Note that, when you bring a too large toy for him, it will be difficult to carry that thing and run here and there like normal play habits of a dog. Whereas the too small toys are the common cause behind chocking-hazards for the pet.  The small fetch balls or tennis balls can easily get into the throat of your animal. Depending upon the activity level and needs of your pet, prefer to pick the most suitable size of toy for him.

  • Sticks and rocks are bad options:

Many pet owners prefer to buy sticks as fetch toys for their furry friend, but experts reveal that too heavy, large and sharp sticks can lead to serious neck and mouth injuries. On the other side, rocks can damage his teeth or may lead to serious intestinal problems if they are swallowed by mistake.

  • Avoid cheap toys with toxic ingredients:

Most of the pet owners prefer to buy chews and bones to keep their pets happy during the play time. Such toys help their teeth to stay healthy while having a natural instinct to chew all the time. But it is high time to understand that not all the chew toys are created the same. If you pick the cheaper ones that are designed by using toxic ingredients; they can create serious medical health issues for the pet. The plastic and rubber toys that contain harmful chemicals must be avoided. You may pick something that is designed using non-toxic materials such as BPA and phthalates.

  • Know about the manufacturers:

As the market is loaded with a wide range of pet toys; it is easier to get fooled and pick something wrong for your furry friend. These consequences are common, and it further causes a huge risk to pet health. While looking for the best dog toys in the market, it is always important to check the labeling standards of the toy. Search for the best pet toy manufacturers in the market and list out them on preferences. Whenever you move out for buying a dog toy, prefer to pick from those selected labels. It will help you to ensure a healthy and safe choice for the pet. Although the best dog toys may appear little expansive but not costlier than the health of your pet. It is good to avoid the cheaper, low-quality collections.

Types of most popular and favorable dog toys:

In order to ease your decision-making process, here we are going to list out the best dog toys for your lovely
companion.  You can choose:


The market is loaded with a variety of dog balls; the list includes tennis balls, rubber balls, plush balls, foam balls, and squeaker balls, etc. Each one of these has their own special feature; few glow-up in the dark, few may float, and others have higher bounce efficiency. But while buying the ball, prefer to choose the right size of it for your pet. Dogs are always in love with the catch and fetch games; a good ball can keep them busy for hours.

Tug Toys:

Many dogs love to enjoy the tug war with other dog companions or their owners. The tug of war game is suitable for trained dogs only. But it is important to remember that tug toys are not meant to get tear down into pieces; unlike cheaper toys; they are made up of good quality material. Experts advise avoiding buying tug toys made up of rope, fire hose, leather, and linen, etc.

Chewable and treats:

Although these tiny, furry animals can chew almost anything that comes their way, it is always important to choose the best materials for your pet. The items made up of hard rubber material and nylon are expected to last longer, but they should not be much harder to cause damage to the teeth of the pet. Healthy dog treats are also essential to keep them active all the time.

Plush toys:

You may find this collection favorite of most puppies, but they are actually considered as an unsafe option for the pet. If you pick one that can be easily ripped apart, the dog may even end up ingesting them. If you are interested in buying plush toys; they must be designed with dog-friendly materials.

The central idea of the selection is to pick a toy that is safe for the pet and doesn’t cause health issues. Avoid cheap toys by making a good analysis of the best dog toys

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