7 Steps To Consider For Adopting A Dog

7 Steps To Consider For Adopting A Dog

Guidelines To Consider If You Are Planning On Adopting A Dog

1.  If you are going to adopt a large dog or a dog that requires a lot of activity, you should have a lot of room in your house and preferably a large fenced back yard for your dog to romp and play.  It isn’t fair to the dog if you leave the house each day and put your dog in a cage.  

2.  Is there someone (wife, kids, etc.) that will be around a lot of the day to let them outside or walk and play with them. Just leaving them alone for 8 or more hours a day isn’t fair to the dog. You want to have at least one or more hours each day to walk or play with your dog.

3.  Are you or anyone else in your house hold allergic to to dogs or not comfortable with dogs?   Before adopting make sure that all household members are free of allergies and love the dogs.

4.  Can you afford proper nutrition for the dog?  Just buying some cheap dog food and throwing in a bowl is not proper care.  You want to provide the best dog food appropriate for your dog breed?

5. Will you be able to afford to take your dog in for regular checkups and shots at the vets?  You may need to spay/neuter your dog along with heartworm checkups, vaccines, and emergency visits. Just the regular shots and checkups could cost $500- $1,000 for puppy care and adult dog care maintenance could run $300-$800 per year.

6.  Will you have patience when training your dog?  It can try your patience in trying to house-train, stop their chewing and excessive barking?  Some of the older dogs in the adoption centers are already house trained, which is something to consider when adopting a dog.

7. The reason you should want a dog is that you love to be around them and have a lot of time to just be with them and train them properly and have a well-behaved dog.